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Singapore (Singapore) - Benoa (Bali, Indonesia)

  • You will set sail aboard L’Austral to discover Indonesia, an inexhaustible source of natural resources and a fascinating mosaic of ethnic groups and cultures. You will visit this magnificent archipelago with its 18,000 islands scattered between Asia and the Pacific Ocean, lying like a pearl necklace on a coral reef.
  • Aboard L’Austral sail around legendary Krakatoa, Indonesia’s most famous volcano. At the heart of the Pacific ‘ring of fire’, you can admire its fertile volcanic peaks, lakes, natural hot springs and the winding waterfalls that race down its slopes.
  • When we call at Semarang, you will visit the Prambanan Temples, the largest group of Hindu sanctuaries in Indonesia. This masterpiece of Hindu art represents not only an inestimable architectural and cultural treasure but is also a moving reminder of its illustrious past.
  • Discover the Karium Jawa islands, one of Indonesia’s most beautiful sites. Consisting of 27 islands and located in the heart of the Java Sea, this island chain is home to the Marine National Park, reputed for the variety of its wildlife, as well as its mangrove forests where turtles come to lay their eggs. A fascinating sight.
  • At the end of your cruise, do not miss the visit to Bali, “the Island of the Gods” whose charm and treasures never fail to enchant travellers. Located at the western tip of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between volcanic landscapes and many paddy fields, Bali has succeeded protecting its two most important resources: Its authentic culture and its timeless beauty.

From 2 December to 12 December 2014

11 days / 10 nights

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USD 4580 *

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