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B090512 - Gastronomy: Coté Ouest

Honfleur (France) - Copenhagen (Denmark)

coté ouest


  • Embark with Côté Ouest for a cruise combining exceptional cuisine, culture and design, through the North Sea via the Kiel Canal, up to Copenhagen.
  • To celebrate it's 100th number, Côté Ouest takes you on a gourmet's odyssey: The Boreal will welcome on board several prestigious Chefs and a well known Sommelier for your enjoyment.
    The editorial team of Côté Ouest will show you its favorite, over water.
  • Advice, useful addresses, lectures by experts in design and antiques, meeting with the editorial team as well as tastings and cooking classes. Find the soul of Côté Ouest and, during a cruise, take advantage of this unique getaway between privileged Epicureans.

From 9 May to 14 May 2012

6 Days / 5 Nights

From :

USD 2734 *

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