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Port Country Excursion name Length Hour Price
ARICA Chile CHINCHORRO CULTURE 04:15 14:15 75 €

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From the pier, embark your coach for the scenic drive along the southern coastline. Stop at the Chinchorro and Las Machas Beaches, some of the most beautiful of the region. The Chinchorro Beach owes its name to an old fishing system used by native inhabitants since remote times. This name was also given to the mummified human remains and the culture they belonged to, which were found buried in the sand by the German archeologist Max Uhle, and are nowadays considered to be the oldest mummies in the world. Stop at Las Machas Beach and enjoy a short walk (around 150 meters) to observe a wide variety of birds at the wetlands. After some time at leisure, return to your coach for the drive to La Frontera Plain (view point), where while admiring the immensity of the area and ocean, you will learn about the importance of the Chinchorro Culture in the region.

Afterwards drive to the beautiful Azapa Valley to visit the archeological museum of San Miguel de Azapa and its special building exclusively dedicated to the Chinchorro culture, where you will learn and understand the different processes used to mummify their relatives and have the opportunity to see a wide variety of mummies, from fetus to child and adults, all preserved according to different and unique techniques that no other culture continued. Finally, drive downtown Arica to visit the On-site museum formerly a house at Colon 10 Street where, while working to build a restaurant, mummified remains were found and, considering their  fragility archaeologists decided  to develop  an “in situ” museum and left the mummies at the same place where they were buried thousands of years ago. After this unique experience, drive back to the pier and your ship.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, dress lightly and protect yourself from the sun.

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