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Port Country Excursion name Length Hour Price
IQUIQUE Chile CITY TOUR 03:30 09:00 65 €

Please find the scheduled tour program for your cruise. Tour duration, content and pricing are subject to change without notice. Your final tour program will be sent along with your cruise documents.

Enjoy a leisurely excursion through this lovely 19th century, adventurous, cosmopolitan city known in those years as the World’s Nitrate Capital.  Begin by exploring the main avenues of the historic centre city including the beachfront southern section with sandy beaches.  Enjoy the unique Baquedano Avenue with its gay and brightly painted Georgian style wood houses built between 1880 and 1920 to emulate the current North American fashion.

Visit Astoreca Palace, formerly the mansion of a baron of the nitrate; today it is the city’s Culture House.  Afterwards stroll downtown Plaza Prat by Baquedano Boulevard, which still boasts the exotic palm trees and other plants that wealthy “iquiqueños” brought to decorate their city. This luxurious legacy lives on in other establishments which you will visit, including a carefully preserved clock tower, the imposing Municipal Theatre (Iquique’s most precious jewel), the Regional Museum and the Centro Español erected in Moorish style, where you will enjoy a Pisco Sour. Enjoy some free time at leisure before re-embarking your coach for the return drive to the port and your ship.

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