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On arrival at the pier, you will be met by your guide who will introduce you to the highlights of Tadoussac. Tadoussac is internationally renowned for the beauty of its location. Visit the Greve Gardens, where you can find vegetation typical to the North Coast. Continue to the Chauvin trading post, a recreation of the first fur trading post in Canada. The exhibition concentrates on the first contacts, le trading post and the commerce. Next your guided walking will take you to the Tadoussac Hotel, with its whitewashed walls, red roof, maritime colours, dormer windows and cupola, Tadoussac Hotel calls to mind an earlier era. Overlooking Tadoussac Bay and the St. Lawrence River, the hotel is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, family holidays or couples on a romantic getaway.

Tadoussac’s history goes back as far as the arrival of the Europeans to the American Continent. In fact, Tadoussac is known to be visited by native people as early as the prehistoric times. The origin of the word “Tadoussac” takes its roots from the Indian natives’ place names. Events which have made the history of Tadoussac are concentrated within three periods, the fur trade (1600 to 1859), the wood industry (1838-1897) and tourism (1864 to today). In the entrance hall, see the old photographs before enjoying a cup of tea while taking in the magnificent views from the hotel. Finally, visit the wooden church located on the property, the Tadoussac chapel - also known as the Indians’ Chapel - was built by Jesuit missionaries in their efforts to convert the Montagnais to Christianity. This chapel is the oldest wooden church in North America and still contains some of the original religious items used when the chapel was first constructed over two and a half centuries ago.

This excursion is done entirely on foot (approximately 1 mile). We recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes. 

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