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A short drive from the pier will bring you to the Casco Antigua (Old Town). Imagine the tales of Gallantry and Piracy that played out in the narrow streets of Colonial Panama. This scenic, get acquainted, excursion will drive you through the streets of 'Colonial Panama', founded in 1673 by French colonists.  Over the next 200 years the city experienced many changes.  You will notice the influences through the changes in architecture, representing a wonderful blend of French, Spanish and Italian styles. The ruins of the churches and convents, colonial palaces, bridges and military buildings attest to the grandiose past of this city.  A brief stop in the old center will be made for an encounter with Panama History. After your visit to the French Quarter, your next stop will be the Miraflores Locks, take this opportunity to pause and view the gargantuan ships that make their way through the Panama Canal and visit the four exhibition halls, organized by themes that constitute the heart of the Miraflores Visitors Center. The return route will take you past the former Panama Canal Zone where the military installations of the American administration are a gentle reminder of the strategic importance of the area. Today the former Zone is very much intact and is like a photographic image of what the days of the American Administration once were. Then, it is back to the ship, filled with knowledge and history making your stay in Panama far more interesting.

We recommend you to wear light clothes, comfortable shoes and to protect yourself from the sun.

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