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And if you were able to indulge in your favorite past-time, to discover a new passion or simply to enjoy a unique experience with the family?

With internationally renowned artists, recognised specialists, top level sports managers, Michelin-starred chefs, or the activities arranged with our press partners, every themed cruise has been conceived to help you fulfil your personal expectations. Distinguished speakers and customised programmes are in place for you to share the passion and talents of highly regarded professionals.

Whether you are an amateur or experienced connoisseur, you are sure to appreciate these exceptional cruises.

On board and on land, they have been meticulously planned around the chosen theme, particularly with regard to the best choice of golf courses, concert halls, museums, and other venues.

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From the Dalmatian coast to Greece

Cruise "From the Dalmatian coast to Greece"

Venice (Italy) - Athens (Greece) 

Ship : Le Lyrial

From 12 July to 19 July 2016
8 days / 7 nights

USD 4630 *

In the heart of the Aegean Sea

Cruise "In the heart of the Aegean Sea"

Athens (Greece) - Athens (Greece) 

Ship : Le Lyrial

From 19 July to 26 July 2016
8 Days / 7 Nights

USD 4630 *

Greek and Croatian treasures

Cruise "Greek and Croatian treasures"

Athens (Greece) - Dubrovnik (Croatia) 

Ship : Le Lyrial

From 26 July to 2 August 2016
8 Days / 7 Nights

USD 3900 *

Ancient Greece Treasures

Cruise "Ancient Greece Treasures"

Dubrovnik (Croatia) - Istanbul (Turkey) 

Ship : Le Lyrial

From 2 August to 9 August 2016
8 Days / 7 Nights

USD 3700 *

The Cyclades Archipelago

Cruise "The Cyclades Archipelago"

Istanbul (Turkey) - Athens (Greece) 

Ship : Le Lyrial

From 9 August to 16 August 2016
8 Days / 7 Nights

USD 4090 *

From Greece to the Dalmatian coast

Cruise "From Greece to the Dalmatian coast"

Athens (Greece) - Venice (Italy) 

Ship : Le Lyrial

From 16 August to 23 August 2016
8 Days / 7 Nights

USD 3900 *

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