Our 5 favourite beaches

    Our 5 favourite beaches

    Every corner of the globe offers its own unique landscapes and breathtaking destinations... Chosen from the many natural wonders of the six continents, our experts decided to take a closer look at some strikingly beautiful beaches. From the Caribbean to the Pacific, passing through the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, PONANT reveals its 5 favourite beaches.

    1. The secret beach: Los Roques, Venezuela

    los roques

    The closest thing to heaven on earth - welcome to Los Roques! Located in the Caribbean Sea off the north of Venezuela, the Los Roques natural reserve is a lagoon sheltering more than 300 islands, islets and long sand banks. Their renowned crystal clear waters make the beaches of Los Roques the ideal destination for underwater discovery and relaxation, as well as an idyllic and authentic setting.

    A National Park since 1972, this unique natural sanctuary is home to many species of birds. The Los Roques coral archipelago is also a marine haven for an incredibly diverse array of marine life; a real turtle's paradise. Sit back and relax in the underwater lounge on board Le Champlain, our brand new ship, and you just might be lucky enough to spot some of this extraordinary wildlife!






    2. The peaceful beach: Palombaggia, Corsica


    We are in the south-east of the Isle of Beauty, on Palombaggia beach, located in the commune of Porto Vecchio. Renowned for its fine sand, shallow turquoise waters and pink porphyry rocks, Palombaggia offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Corsica.

    Sheltered by centuries-old pine trees, this beach is the ideal setting for surrendering to the pleasures of idleness... This idyllic, typically Mediterranean location, is a favourite port of call for our legendary three-masted ship every summer.






    3. The colourful beach: Pink Beach, Indonesia

    Pink Beach

    Pink, blue, green... discover the colours of the incredible Pink Beach. Located on the island of Komodo, to the west of the island of Flores, this unique beach is one of just 7 beaches in the world with pink sand! This natural wonder is caused by a red pigment that is deposited on the coral by a microscopic animal, and these tiny fragments of pigment then mix with the grains of sand, creating a romantic shade of pink.

    Clear seas, pure blue skies, green hills covered in lush vegetation interspersed with rocky cliffs; from an Indonesian cruise, you can truly appreciate the exceptional landscape the surrounds the Pink Beach.






    4. The idyllic beach: Anse Source d'Argent, the Seychelles

    l'anse source d'argent

    Set sail for La Digue, the idyllic island at the heart of the Seychelles archipelago, to discover the famous Anse Source d’Argent beach. Surrounded by towering granite rocks, with coconut palms and pristine white sand, this postcard-worthy landscape is a sight to behold.

    One of the most photographed beaches in the world, it is rich in unique and beautiful flora and fauna. All the delights of this unmissable Seychelles destination will be at your fingertips on a cruise in the heart of the Indian Ocean.






    5. The perfectly preserved beach: Fakarava, French Polynesia


    Located around 450 km north-east of Tahiti, the coral ellipse of Fakarava is 28 km long and just 8 km wide. The atoll, classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is renowned both for its unique landscapes and for the secrets of its mysterious seabeds.

    If pale sand dominates the beaches, an infinite palette of blues tints the waters of the Fakarava lagoon... Whether you are under the water or on the land, you can appreciate the wonder of this place during a cruise in French Polynesia.





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