PONANT cruises are a wonderful way of getting away from it all, getting close to nature and exploring fascinating or outstanding sites. Among the unique travel experiences thought up by our experts, we have selected five magical moments you can enjoy with PONANT.

    1. Navigating alongside the world’s largest icebergs in Antarctica

    lantarctique avec ponant

    Originating in the polar ice caps, and made entirely from fresh water, tabular icebergs are a hallmark of Antarctica’s icy landscapes. During your PONANT cruise, you’ll sail among these icy giants, white vessels draped in mist. You will occasionally see them rock from side to side or collide with one another, giving you an insight into the complex nature of this environment, which blends raw power with vulnerability.






    2. Exploring the Kimberley Mangroves, home to the world’s largest reptile!

    Les Kimberley avec PONANT

    Located on the north-western fringe of Western Australia, the wild and sparsely populated Kimberley region is edged with rugged coastlines and beaches that can often only be accessed by sea. Home to a lush, tropical forest and over a quarter of the world’s mangrove species, Kimberly is an absolute paradise for watching wildlife. The region is also home to around a hundred species of reptiles and amphibians, including the famous saltwater crocodile. In the company of our nature guides and expedition leaders, you’ll have the opportunity to explore this unique environment via expeditions in Zodiac inflatable boats.






    3. Sailing the waters of Europe’s largest southern fjord

    lAdriatique avec ponant

    Often considered to be the only fjord in the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Kotor is the location for the eponymous town that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unique location, where majestic mountains fall dramatically away into the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Montenegro. With the long walls of the fortified town of Kotor, the churches and fortresses dotting the small islands, and the stunning roads that link the towns with one another, the Bay of Kotor will gradually reveal its charms as your ship navigates the 28 kilometres of waters that make up the estuary.






    4. Experience Central America’s exceptional biodiversity up close

    l'Amérique Centrale avec ponant

    From the Sea of Cortez in north-western Mexico, which is home to 800 different species of fish, to Cocos Island in Costa Rica where dolphins, whales and orcas live side by side, via the Manuel-Antonio National Park, home to brightly coloured birds, monkeys, crocodiles, and iguanas: PONANT will carry you away on an encounter with the exceptional biodiversity of Central America!






    5. See the Aurora Borealis from Greenland

    Le Groenland avec ponant

    Embedded in the polar skies like the stars are to the sky, the aurora borealis transforms the roof of the world into a magical, nocturnal rainbow during the long winter nights. This unpredictable phenomenon is most likely to be visible between August and March, particularly around the seasons’ equinoxes. During a cruise in Greenland, in the middle of the ocean and far from the lights of the cities, the luckiest adventure lovers will have the opportunity to appreciate the unique colours of this mysterious spectacle.





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