Tropical regions

    clothing cruise tips

    Are you about to embark on one of our ships or are you thinking about going on a wonderful voyage soon?
    To make sure that you have the best possible experience, we have put together some useful tips for what to wear during your cruise.

    Tropical regions

    Clothing Tips

    Tropical regions expedition cruises


    Comfortable and stretchable cotton shorts/Bermuda shorts

    Long, lightweight mid-season trousers

    Short-sleeved cotton t-shirt

    Lightweight, waterproof, breathable wind-breaker with zip

    Anti-UV, long-sleeved t-shirt for watersports

    Sun protective hat/cap with strap and veil to protect the neck

    High-sided canvas shoes (“Pataugas” style)

    Binoculars are a must

    Long-sleeved cotton t-shirt


    For days spent on board you are advised to wear comfortable, relaxed clothing.
    As the whole of the ship is air-conditioned, you may need a thin jumper, lightweight jacket or shawl. 
    For moving around public areas and on the ship's deck, opt for shoes that are lightweight but comfortable.

    Informal evenings:

    In the evening we recommend that you wear smart, casual clothing, in particular when dining in our restaurants where shorts and t-shirts are not permitted.


    • A simple dress
    • Skirt or trousers
    • Blouse or smock
    • Polo shirt


    • Darted trousers or chinos
    • Sports jacket
    • Shirt
    • Polo shirt

    Gala dinners:

    On our cruises two gala dinners are organised onboard. As such we recommend that you bring one or two formal outfits.


    • Evening wear
    • Long evening gown (not required)


    • Dark suit
    • Tie advised, possibly a bow-tie
    • Dinner jacket (not required)

    Officers’ dinner

    Depending on your cruise itinerary and programme, an Officers’ dinner may be organised. Accordingly, we would encourage you to bring white smart-casual wear for the occasion (failing that, black and white).

    A laundry service is available on board (laundry and ironing) but is unable to offer dry cleaning. For safety reasons, there is no iron in your cabin.


    Long, lightweight cotton trousers

    Shorts/Bermuda shorts

    Breathable, waterproof windbreaker

    Jumper/jacket for the evening

    Long-sleeved and short-sleeved cotton t-shirts

    Long-sleeved anti-UV t-shirt

    Long-sleeved cotton t-shirt for protection from the sun during Zodiac excursions

    High-sided canvas shoes (that are quick-drying and have ankle support)

    Sunglasses with high UV protection

    Sun protective hat/cap with strap and veil to protect the neck

    Battery charger and memory card for digital camera or camcorder

    Mobile charger

    Binoculars (very important for observing the wildlife)

    Mosquito repellent spray

    High-factor sun and after-sun lotion

    Small, waterproof rucksack (to stop your camera getting wet…)

    Swimming costume (for the pool or spa onboard)

    Gym clothes (for the fitness center onboard)

    Medication and prescriptions


    In your personal carry-on luggage, don't forget to pack any medication you need and maybe some toiletries and a change of clothes (in the event of any delay in receiving your luggage from the airline company).
    Take care to always have any travel documents you might need on you: hotel vouchers, cruise vouchers, return tickets etc. Never leave them in the luggage you check.
    All of our cabins have a safe. We advise you not to take any valuable jewellery off the ship. 

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