Schubert & Schumann: Piano & Lieder in Japan

9 days / 8 nights
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    Schubert & Schumann: Piano & Lieder in Japan

    Cruise Asia

    from 17 May 2019 to 25 May 2019
    9 days / 8 nights

    Departure Port : Maizuru
    Arrival Port : Osaka

    Ship : LE SOLEAL

    • Ref : S170519

    In partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE.  

    PONANT invites you on a musical cruise in partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE, with the exceptional presence of Alain Duault. In Maizuru, you will board the Le Soléal for a 9-day cruise to the heart of Japan.  

    When your ship calls at Sakaiminato, you will set off to discover medieval Japan and the ancient dwellings of the samurai, who had lavish homes and castles built.

    The Le Soléal will then take you to Busan, a warm and welcoming city where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the port. This ancient city full of contrasts presents numerous vestiges that speak of its prestigious past.

    We will call at Hiroshima, the gateway to Miyajima, home to the majestic Shinto shrine whose entrance is guarded by a magnificent vermillion Torii listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    You will also discover the small Japanese city of Tamano, a former feudal domain with a unique cultural heritage. Among its sites, you will be able to admire its famous Korakuen Garden, one of the country’s three must-see landscaped gardens.

    You will end your cruise with the discovery of the most Japanese of metropolis, Osaka, a modern, industrial and cultural city that is entirely turned towards the future. This city has been the national centre for trade and industry since the reign of Emperor Nintoku.

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    • A musical cruise in partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE, with the exceptional presence on board of Alain Duault and of artists.
    • Discovering the ‘Empire of the Rising Sun’, its culture, its ancestral traditions and iconic sites;
    • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Miyajima Sanctuary and its vermillion Torii, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
    • Sakaiminato and Matsue or medieval Japan and the former homes of the Samurais.
    • Discovering Tamano, a former feudal domain with a surprising cultural heritage, and its famous “black castle”.
    • Osaka, and its famous castle (port of disembarkation).

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    Designed in 2013 and loyal to the PONANT spirit, Le Soléal like her sisterships embodies the subtle alliance between luxury, intimacy and wellbeing which is Ponant’s signature. The elegance of her exterior and interior lines and her intimate size (only 132 staterooms and suites)make this a rare and innovative yacht on the cruise market. 

    Interior Design

    With her fluid lines and a modern colour scheme combining natural wood with shades of grey and white, Le Soléal presents references to a nautical theme.

    Port of call & excursions

    17 May 2019 – Sakaiminato


    Embarkation 17/05/2019 from 16H00 to 17H00 . Departure 17/05/2019 at 19H00 .

    Located on the western coast of Honshu island, in the province of Kyoto, the charming town of Maizuru boasts one of Japan’s most exquisite closed bays. A climb to the observatory will allow you to appreciate the splendour of this inlet scattered with tiny wild islands. You can also admire the treasures of traditional architecture by visiting the temple of Enryu-ji or the Tanabe-jo castle. The town also bears traces of a rich military past, which you can see in the old arsenals of the navy, red brick buildings that today house a museum.

    18 May 2019 – Sakaiminato

    18 May 2019 – Sakaiminato

    Arrival 18/05/2019 early morning. Departure 18/05/2019 early evening.

    Located on the south-west coast of Honshu Island, the busy fishing port of Sakaiminato celebrates the comic writer and artist Shigeru Mizuki, who was born here. As well as a museum a dedicated tourist route leads through streets and squares that feature 134 bronze statues representing his beloved characters. This isn't the only thing Sakaiminato has to offer; try some local seafood specialities and enjoy the stunning views of Mt Daisen and the Yumigahama peninsula.

    19 May 2019 – Busan

    19 May 2019 – Busan

    Arrival 19/05/2019 midday. Departure 19/05/2019 early evening.

    With around four million inhabitants, Busan is the second largest metropolis on South Korea, after Seoul. This dynamic harbour city, located in the south-east, surrounded by the warm waters of the Sea of Japan, benefits from a mild, pleasant climate. You’ll find delightful simply to stroll around the lively streets and explore the city’s outstanding cultural heritage of art galleries, museums, and Buddhist sites, such as the Haedong Yonggungsa temple, which elegantly sits on the waterfront. Rich too in magnificent beaches and superlative natural landscapes, Busan’s peaceful atmosphere will win you over, as will its inhabitants, whom you’ll have the pleasure of meeting.

    20 May 2019 – Nagasaki

    20 May 2019 – Nagasaki

    Arrival 20/05/2019 early morning. Departure 20/05/2019 late afternoon.

    Located on the north-west coast of Kyushu, Nagasaki will impress you by its rich heritage. Despite the destruction in 1945, you can visit several ancient sites, including the beautiful 19th-century Catholic Church of Oura and its garden, the sanctuary of Suwa Shrine as well as several Buddhist temples. A visit to the Atomic Bomb Museum gives you insight into the extent of the damage caused by the nuclear attack. Close by, a walk in the Memorial Peace Park leads you to a collection of objets d'art offered as a gift from Japan to the world.

    21 May 2019 – Kagoshima

    21 May 2019 – Kagoshima

    Arrival 21/05/2019 early morning. Departure 21/05/2019 late afternoon.

    The seaside city of Kagoshima, at the south of Kyushu Island, ᅠis best known for Sakurajima, an active volcano that faces Kinko Bay. A visit to this busy metropolis will remind you just how much the volcano is part of the inhabitantsメ everyday life: in the wake of the almost daily eruptions, a delicate layer of ash settles on everything. The top of a buried torii (traditional Japanese gate) measuring three metres that was 'swallowed up' by a giant lava flow in 1914 can still be seen. The power of nature will send a shiver down your spine.

    22 May 2019 – Uwajima

    22 May 2019 – Uwajima

    Arrival 22/05/2019 midday. Departure 22/05/2019 late afternoon.

    Located on the west coast of Shikoku island, Uwajima will delight lovers of history and traditional customs. The magnificent Uwajima Castle was built in the 17th-century by the powerful Date clan and has a beautiful ornamental garden and bridge. The much-visited Taga Shrine is dedicated to fertility and is full of phalluses. Another interesting tradition is togyu, a Japanese variant of bull-fighting where two bulls are pitted against each other without a toreador. As for eating, you must taste jakoten, a local delicacy based on fried fish.

    23 May 2019 – Hiroshima

    23 May 2019 – Hiroshima

    Arrival 23/05/2019 early morning. Departure 23/05/2019 evening.

    Visiting Hiroshima is a moving experience. The town spreads along Honshu Island, along the inside coasts of Seto. While firmly focused on the future, Hiroshima doesn't forget its past, and a visit to the Peace Memorial Park and Genbaku Dome is a must. You'll enjoy the city's modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere and effervescent nightlife just as much as the peaceful stillness of its natural parkland areas such as splendid Shukkei-en, the town's historic garden.

    24 May 2019 – Tamano

    24 May 2019 – Tamano

    Arrival 24/05/2019 early morning. Departure 24/05/2019 evening.

    Located on the island of Honshu, hugging the banks of the Sento Inland Sea, Tamano is a popular destination thanks to its sun-drenched climate. Upon arrival, marvel at the way in which the city has been built along the coast at the foot of a deep, dark forest. In the area surrounding Tamano, stroll down the streets of Kurashiki, known as the 'white-walled city' in a nod to the pretty façades of the houses that line the streets of this ancient Edo-period trading town. Another major regional attraction is the Seto Ohashi bridge. Its 12.5 kilometres make it the world's longest double-decker bridge.

    25 May 2019▸24 May 2019 – Osaka


    Disembarkation 25/05/2019 at 07H00 .

    Like its big sister Tokyo, Osaka is the product of ancestral traditions and amazing technological innovations. And despite its size, its location on the Pacific Ocean give it a sense of serenity. The main historic landmark is the 16th-century Osaka Castle, which stands proud in the midst of majestic skyscrapers. The lively streets of Dotomburi and the bizarre Shinsekai district attract thousands of locals and visitors. A multitude of restaurants offer menus full of regional specialities: takoyaki, made with octopus, and other succulent dishes such as kushikatsu kebabs.


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    Musical cruise with Radio Classique

    Musical cruise with Radio Classique


    For the first PONANT/Radio Classique music cruise for the Far East, the combination of Japan, with an extension to South Korea, called for music in tune with the subtle inner landscape of the Land of the Rising Sun. I have chosen two composers, Schubert and Schumann whose music is born of a soul in torment, on my quest to find a sensory equivalent to this world suspended between water and sky.

    Schubert for his delicate piano, quivering chamber music and the intense poetry of his Lieders; Schumann for his shadowy gardens, secrets and tender sensuality (which his clarinet scores relate so well), beautiful movements like ideograms of their piano cycles. They will be our guides to inner light embodied by five great artists: Italian pianist Maurizio Baglini (who recorded the works of Schumann for Decca); violinist Geneviève Laurenceau of the smouldering bow; cellist Silvia Chiesa, the sonorous Italian star; Pierre Génisson whose caressingly-soft clarinet sound is almost indecent; and mezzo-soprano Delphine Haidan of the warm tonal colours which embrace the poetry of Schubert and Schumann.

    (7 concerts: 1 piano recital + 2 Lieder recitals + 2 chamber music concerts + 1 lecture-concert + 1 encore concert)




    Discover the delights of our cultural cruises where music takes centre stage, combining sumptuous scenery and exceptional artistic heritages.

    A waterborne musical journey

    Whether you are a fan of instrumental classical music or opera, or you prefer jazz or Celtic melodies, why not enjoy a different and very special experience aboard a PONANT ship? Set sail for a luxury cruise combining the charms of music and the sea.

    These cultural cruises, where the tempo is set by concerts on land or at sea as well as a series of conferences, bring together music lovers and artists around a shared passion: music.

    An exceptional selection of artists*

    Aboard the ships, our guests of honour, all well-known artists, talented performers and brilliant virtuosos will share their knowledge and their passion in an accessible and intimate way.

    According to the theme of each cruise, PONANT welcomes prestigious artists, be they pianists, violinists, singers and more.

    Come and share alongside them the refined adventure of a PONANT musical cruise.


    *See the list of guests of honour present during your cruise in the “Guests” tab.

    Guest(s) Lecturer(s)

    Maurizio Baglini

    Maurizio Baglini

    The pianist Maurizio Baglini boasts a brilliant career as soloist, chamber player, music teacher and artistic director.

    As soloist he performs on stages such as the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, the Teatro alla Scala of Milan, the Teatro San Carlo of Naples, the Salle Gaveau of Paris, the Kennedy Center of Washington and he is guest of prestigious festivals, including La Roque d’Anthéron, Yokohama Piano Festival, Australian Chamber Music Festival, “Benedetti Michelangeli” of Bergamo and Brescia.

    His record production for Decca/Universal includes works by Liszt, Brahms, Schubert, Domenico Scarlatti and Mussorgsky. In 2018 came out the third CD of the complete piano works by Schumann and the second CD of the series Live at Amiata Piano Festival (Quintets by Schubert and Schumann, with the Scala String Quartet and Silva Chiesa).

    Since 2008 he has been promoting the project “Ode to joy”, which has allowed him to play in the whole world the “Ninth Symphony” by Beethoven/Liszt, with more than fifty live performances.

    As chamber musician he constantly performs with the cellist Silvia Chiesa and works with colleagues such as Massimo Quarta, Cinzia Forte, Roberto Prosseda and The Scala String Quartet.

    Founder and artistic director of the Amiata Piano Festival, he is the artistic consultant for dance and music of Teatro Comunale “Verdi” of Pordenone and cultural ambassador of Friuli Venezia Giulia region. He holds masterclasses for the Accademia Stauffer in Cremona.

    He plays a Fazioli grand piano.

    Languages spoken : Italian, French, English


    Photo credit : ARR



    Silvia Chiesa

    Silvia Chiesa

    The cellist Silvia Chiesa is among the most prominent Italian performers on the international scene. 

    Her contribution to the relaunch of the Italian twentieth century solo repertoire was decisive. She was the first Italian cellist to record the Cello Concerto by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: the CD, released by Sony Classical in 2018, also includes the Cello Concertos by Riccardo Malipiero (in its first world recording) and by Gian Francesco Malipiero, with the Rai National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Massimiliano Caldi.

    Dedicate of the solo compositions with orchestra by Azio Corghi and Matteo D’Amico, she was chosen by composers such as Gil Shohat, Nicola Campogrande, Aldo Clementi, Michele Dall’Ongaro, Peter Maxwell Davies, Giovanni Sollima, Gianluca Cascioli and Ivan Fedele for the first performances of their pieces.

    As soloist she performed with the Orchestra Nazionale della Rai, Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Orchestra della Toscana, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Petersburg Soloists, Orchestra of Rouen and the Symphonic of Krakow.

    With the pianist Maurizio Baglini she has on her count more than two hundred concerts and she recorded for Decca the Sonatas by Schubert, Brahms and Rachmaninov. In 2018 was released the second CD of the series Live at Amiata Piano Festival, in which she performs the String Quintet op. 163 by Schubert with the Scala String Quartet.

    She is resident artist of the Amiata Piano Festival and professor at the Conservatory “Monteverdi” of Cremona.

    She plays a Giovanni Grancino cello from 1697.

    Languages spoken: Italian, French, English


    Photo credit: ARR

    Alain Duault

    Alain Duault

    The novelist, poet, journalist, musicologist and radio and television presenter Alain Duault has been sharing his passion for and knowledge of classical music for more than 30 years. Considered to be one of the greatest opera specialists in France he is now President of the Prix Pelléas jury, and has been made an Officier de la Légion d’Honneur and Commandeur des Arts et Lettres.

    Alain Duault studied literature, philosophy and psycho-analysis in Paris, then musicology and piano. His first TV appearance was as a guest of Bernard Pivot for his book of poems, Colorature. This led to a number of radio programmes dedicated to classical music, notably on RTL, the radio station where Alain Duault would be “Mr Classical Music” for 22 years, before joining Radio Classique with daily slots until 2018. A role that he also took on for the France 3 television channel, presenting a number of exceptional programmes (masterclasses with Ruggero Raimondi in the Salle Gaveau, Musiques en fête at the Chorégies d’Orange festival…).

    In 1999, he conceived and presented Intégrale Chopin (225 works, 60 pianists), broadcast on France 3. Then in 2001, he wrote and performed an ambitious and very popular show, Verdi, une passion, un destin (with Jean Piat and 250 musicians). In the wake of this success, he wrote and performed two other shows:  Victor Hugo, la légende d’un siècle in 2002 and Rencontre avec George Sand (with Marie-Christine Barrault) in 2004 and 2005.

    Alain Duault also puts his writing skills to the service of classical music. The author of a number of books, including Dans la peau de Maria Callas, (Le Passeur Éditeur, 2014, pocket edition, 2017); Dictionnaire amoureux illustré de l’Opéra (Plon Gründ, 2016). Ce léger rien des choses qui ont fui, poetry (Gallimard 2017), he also writes editorials for Classica.

    Language spoken: French


    Photo credit: Laurent Rouvrais @Radio Classique 

    Geneviève Laurenceau

    Geneviève Laurenceau

    Geneviève Laurenceau began playing violin at the age of three in her hometown of Strasbourg.

    The instrument, similar in range to that of the human voice, from then on became both the shape and the voice of her dreams and remains hers for life.

    Her teachers – Wolfgang Marschner, Zakhar Bron and Jean-Jacques Kantorow – turned her into a multifaceted artist with a foot in all three of the great European violin traditions. After several international successes, Geneviève was invited to perform as a soloist with major French and international orchestras under the direction of conductors such as Michel Plasson, Walter Weller, Tugan Sokhiev, Thomas Søndergård, Antony Hermus and Christian Arming.

    A lover both concert platform and of collaboration, Geneviève believes deeply in the fundamental values of the arts, of culture and of music. She is equally passionate about collaborating whether in teaming up with the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven, the « bird’s singers » Jean Boucault and Johnny Rasse, or with the actor Didier Sandre. Since September 2007 until June 2017, Geneviève Laurenceau has been first violin and super soloist with the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse.

    In 2009, Geneviève founded the « Festival de Musique d’Obernai » of which she is artistic director. In 2016, she was awarded a « Diapason d’Or » for her most recent album which was dedicated to the composer Albéric Magnard and issued on the CPO label.

    Since September 2014, Geneviève has headed the violin department of the Centre d’Enseignement Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Toulouse (ISDAT), and she will be teaching at the « Académie Jaroussky in 2017.

    Languages spoken: French, English, German, Italian 


    Photo credit: Yvan Schawandascht

    Delphine Haidan

    Delphine Haidan

    A Masters graduate in Musicology from the Sorbonne, and having won a prize at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM) and numerous awards at international competitions, Delphine Haidan went on to train at the Paris National Opera’s school (Ecole d’Art Lyrique). She has performed as much on stage as she has done recitals, in productions such as Les Contes d’Hoffmann (the Muse Nicklausse) in Paris and Zurich, La Damnation de Faust (Marguerite) in Moscow, and more recently L’Enfant et les Sortilèges (Cat and Squirrel) at La Scala. Her career has taken her all over France and abroad, including the Glyndebourne Festival, the Musikverein and Konzerthaus in Vienna, the Maestranza arena in Sevilla and London’s Royal Albert Hall. Her discography includes recordings of Zauberflöte at the Aix en Provence Festival (Erato), Carmen with DECA and Lakmé (directed by Michel Plasson – Emi) alongside Natalie Dessay. Her next project is L’Enfant et les Sortilèges in Seattle.

    Language spoken : French


    Photo credit  : Harcourt


    Pierre Génisson

    Pierre Génisson

    Born in 1986, Pierre Génisson is one of the leading French wind instrumentalists of his generation. Winner of the prestigious Carl Nielsen Competition, he also won first prize and the Audience Award at the Tokyo Competition in 2014. He went on to record his first CD ‘Made in France’ praised by the press and public alike, earning him a Diapason d’Or and ‘FFFF’ from the magazine Télérama.

    After studying in his hometown of Marseille, then his first prize diplomas at the Paris Conservatoire, he moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to further his studies at the University of Southern California with renowned tutor Yehuda Gilad, where he obtained his Artist Diploma.

    At the same time, he made his debut on stage with the Berlin Philharmonic in Debussy’s Rhapsodie and Bruch’s Double Concerto. Since then he has regularly performed as guest soloist for major European and international orchestras.

    He has a passion for chamber music and regularly performs at European and international festivals with partners or ensembles such as the Ébène Quartet, Marielle Nordmann, Ophélie Gaillard and Geneviève Laurenceau. His latest CD ‘How I Met Mozart’ (Aparté label) with the Quartet 212 (soloists from New York’s Met Opera Orchestra) was unanimously acclaimed by the media. Pierre Genisson has just recorded a programme dedicated to Benny Goodman, with the BBC Orchestra (works by Copland, Bernstein, Stravinsky and Goodman, due to be released in October 2019), as well as Tanguy’s Concerto for Clarinet dedicated to Pierre, with the Jyväskylä Orchestra in Finland.

    Languages spoken : French, English


    Photo credit: Vandoren 

    Possibility of withdrawal in case of force majeure.

    Pre/Post & Overlands

    1. Before your cruise

      16/05/2019 – Discover Kyoto (1 night)

      620.00 € **

      More information

      14/05/2019 – Kyoto and Nara, former imperial capital cities (3 nights)

      For your comfort and serenity, this programme benefits from a PONANT accompaniment***.
      The escort, mandated by the company, accompanies you and remains at your disposal during your stay.
      His mission: offering you assistance and facilitating the organisation to ensure the full success of your stay.
      1890.00 € **

      More information

    2. After your cruise

      25/05/2019 – Heritage of Osaka

      230.00 € **

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    3. Your packages

      15/05/2019 – Flights from/to Paris (Economic Class) + Discover Kyoto 1N (Pre) + Heritage of Osaka (Post)

      1840.00 € **

      13/05/2019 – Flights from/to Paris (Economic Class) + Kyoto and Nara, former imperial capital cities 3N (Pre) + Heritage of Osaka (Post)

      3110.00 € **

      13/05/2019 – Flights from/to Paris (Business Class) + Kyoto and Nara, former imperial capital cities 3N (Pre) + Heritage of Osaka (Post)

      5710.00 € **
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