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    1. Beacon Hill & Quincy market

      • Length : 4h00

      Depart from the pier and enjoy a scenic drive to Boston Common, the oldest public park in America, where your walking tour starts. Your guide will take you for a stroll around the narrow streets and bricked sidewalks of Beacon Hill. From the golden dome of the State House to the elegant homes of Louisburg Square, travel picturesque streets showing stunning examples of early American architecture. Experience Beacon Hill’s ornate past, from its rural beginnings to the vision of the Mount Vernon proprietors, while walking among this historic collection of Federal and Greek Revival row houses. You will also hear the stories of Boston's prominent citizens who have called Beacon Hill their home.

      At the end of your 1 ¼-hour walking tour, you will arrive at the iconic Cheers pub, where you can enjoy a drink. Immortalized in the global television sensation of the same name, “Cheers”, it is the place “where everybody knows your name.”

      Next, walk to the famous Quincy Market where you can enjoy time at leisure before returning to the pier.

      • This moderate tour involves 3.2 km (2 miles) of walking over flat surfaces with slight inclines. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. This tour is limited to 48 participants.

      90.00 €
    2. Scenic Boston & JFK Library & museum

      • Length : 5h30

      From the pier, board your coach for a 20-minute drive to the Kennedy Library & Museum. Upon arrival, relax in the comfort of the theatre for a 17-minute introductory film narrated in part by JFK. Incorporating historic television footage and cherished family home movies, this film provides the background, family and political accomplishments of the Camelot legend.

      Next, explore the museum independently. Stand in a recreation of the Oval Office and experience the drama of President Kennedy's historic address to the nation on Civil Rights. Capture the inspirational spirit of the space programme before you leave the facility.

      Reboard your coach and explore scenic Boston, a city rich in American history, during a 1 ¾-hour panoramic tour. In Copley Square, see the architectural wonders of Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library. Get an up-close look at the 23-caret gold-leaf dome of Massachusetts State House, the majestic steeple of Old North Church, of Paul Revere fame, and the Old South Meeting House where the Boston Tea Party began.

      A 15-minute drive will bring you back to the pier and your ship.

      • This tour does not involve any difficulties as there is little walking over flat surfaces. We recommend you dress comfortably. This tour is limited to 48 participants.

      85.00 €
    3. Hiking Saguenay National Park

      • Length : 4h00

      With more than 110 km (70 miles) of hiking trails in magnificent landscape, the Saguenay Fjord National Park is a great area to discover on foot. From the pier, a 1-hour drive will take you to the National Park, where you will begin your 2.5 km (1 ½ mile) walk along the “Point de Vue du Soupir” trail.

      Experience the disproportionate scale of time and space in a land where nature has made use of its colossal forces to carve out a fjord. The hike culminates halfway at the statue of Our Lady of Saguenay, where you will have remarkable views of the fjord and surrounding mountains, rivers and valleys. The hike will take approximately 1 ½ hour round trip. With an elevation gain of 137 metres (450 feet), it is recommended for intermediate hikers.

      After your hike, you will return to the interpretation centre to learn more about the fjord, or shop in the gift boutique.

      • The transportation will be by local school bus. The moderate hike is approximately 2.5 km (1 ½ mile) long and involves up to 500 steps. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, good walking shoes and protect yourself from the wind and the sun. This tour is limited to 40 participants.

      90.00 €
    4. Discovery of New France

      • Length : 4h00

      Discover this unique site where you can relive the early days of Quebec’s colonisation with larger than life historic characters, as if you return to the New France of the 17th century.

      A meticulous restoration of historic buildings and colourful characters will guide you on your journey through olden days. Amid settings faithful to the 17th century descriptions of New France, rediscover a Huron village, the Cent Associés farm together with Quebec City’s Upper and Lower Town. Guided tours will allow you to experience unique contact with the two major poles of Québec history, namely the First Nations and French cultures. During the tour of the site, you will encounter colourful historic characters explaining the 17th century’s way of life in New France.

      Immerse yourself in the Amerindian culture as did the first settlers in the area through dances, songs as well as food sampling from the first Nation heritage.

      As you return towards your ship, enjoy a scenic drive through La Baie, where you will discover the importance of the Saguenay Fjord – deeply chiselled in the Laurentian Mountains – to the development of this area. As stop will be made at the Fjord Museum where you will discover the creation of the fjord and the mysteries it conceals. You will pass by the Ha! Ha! Pyramid, a monument to the great flood of 1996 that devastated the region and proved to be one of Canada’s greatest natural disasters.

      • This tour includes just over 2-hours of moderate walking and standing over mostly flat surfaces. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This tour can welcome a maximum of 40 participants.

      95.00 €
    5. La Fabuleuse cultural show

      • Length : 2h00

      Come and re-live the important events that marked the history of the region. Starting with the discovery by Jacques Cartier, the Colonisation, the Great Fire of 1870, the Flood of 1996 as well as other marking events, with “La Fabuleuse,” an exhilarating, live stage show.

      This fantastic odyssey features the history of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean’s Kingdom from 1603 to nowadays. This extensive show, larger than life, brings to the stage 80 local volunteers actors, a host of animals as well as grandiose audiovisual techniques. La Fabuleuse has been enjoyed by over 1 million visitors in its original French version.

      To make the experience even more memorable, following the show you will have the opportunity to view the backstage area before going back to the shuttle for the return trip to your ship.

      • The show lasts approximately 1 ¼ hour and needs a minimum of 100 participants to be operated.

    6. Gilded age walking tour

      • Length : 2h00

      Step back in time to the turn of the century, when Bar Harbor was one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. As painters, poets and authors began to tell their tales of the island’s natural beauty, America’s elite – including the Astors, Fords, Morgans, Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Vanderbilts – transformed the island with elegant estates, often referred to as “cottages”. Your guide will be happy to share the intimate secrets and tales of a magnificent era when fabulously wealthy residents tried to outdo each other with their lavish parties and opulent lifestyles.

      From the pier, your tour of Bar Harbor’s bygone days begins with a walk on a beautiful path along the shore, where you will enjoy stunning vistas of Frenchman Bay on one side and elegant summer cottages on the other.

      Passing the Village Green, you will see the town clock and the village bandstand where townspeople often gathered on summer evenings to hear the marches of John Philip Sousa and other popular music, often ending with a rousing rendition of “Goodnight, Ladies”.

      As you stroll through the beautiful downtown area, you will pass a number of Victorian Mansions that survived the Great Fire of 1947. Your tour will stop by St. Saviour's Church for a visit of the interior (provided there are no other functions going on at the time). The church was constructed in 1877 and its wood and stone structure is a fine example of an English Gothic parish church. The church, on the National Register of Historic Places, houses a number of formal English stained glass windows, including Tiffany windows, ranging in date from 1886 to 1992, as well as a variety of historic memorabilia.

      • This moderate tour is entirely done on foot and involves a total walking distance of approximately 2.4 km (1.5 mile) on hilly and slightly uneven paved sidewalks through town. Participants must be able to stand and walk for 2 hours. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes and protect yourself from the sun. Appropriate dress is recommended to enter religious sites (shoulders and knees should be covered). This tour is conducted in English only and is limited to 25 participants.

      40.00 €
    7. Acadia National Park & Cadillac Mountain

      • Length : 2h30

      Depart the pier and pass through the quaint town of Bar Harbor to view some of the charming Victorian mansions built by America’s rich and famous at the turn of the century.

      Upon entering the National Park, your journey along the 27-mile Park Loop Road will take you along the ocean’s edge, passing Sand Beach, Schooner Head overlook, and the High Seas Mansion built by a wealthy gentleman whose wife perished on the Titanic.

      Travel through pine forests and past the Jordon Pond House with a beautiful view of the Penobscot Mountains and Bubbles Hill. Keep your eyes open for bald eagles and white tail deer as you make your way around Park Loop Road.

      Weather permitting, enjoy a photo stop atop the 466-metre (1,530-foot) Cadillac Mountain, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of granite cliffs, coastal mountains, forests, lakes, and the valley, before returning to the pier.               

      • This tour is essentially panoramic. Please note the order of the stops might be reversed to avoid congestion at the different sites. Should traffic and time enable it, a stop at Thunder Hole will be made as well. We recommend your wear comfortable clothing and protect yourself from the wind. The tour involves approximately 270m (0.17 mile) of walking on uneven pavement. This tour is conducted in English only and is limited to 40 participants.

      90.00 €
    8. Acadia National Park & lobster bake

      • Length : 6h00

      From the pier, enjoy a scenic drive on the 27-mile Park Loop Road, offering spectacular landscapes of the coast, mountains and forests.

      Begin your excursion with a visit to one the most popular National Parks in the United States: Acadia National Park. Pass through the quaint town of Bar Harbor to admire some of the charming Victorian mansions on the way. With much of the land donated by John D. Rockefeller, you will also see the romantic stone-cut bridges and evidence of the elaborate carriage trails built by his family at the turn of the last century.  Home to over 50 species of animals, keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles and white tail deer as you make your way around the Park Loop Road. Travelling along the 43 km (27 miles) of Park Loop Road, you’ll enter the Park and drive along the ocean’s edge, where you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Maine’s rocky coastline.

      Pass by Thunder Hole for a dramatic view of the ocean swells against the granite cliffs and, weather permitting, a stop will be made atop the 466-metre (1,530-foot) Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on America’s Eastern seaboard.

      During the second part of the tour, you will be treated to a true “Downeast” lobster bake in a beautiful setting along the coast. Pulled fresh from ocean, enjoy typical Maine lobster drizzled with butter and all the trimmings.

      • Please note that in case of bad weather or fog, the stop at Cadillac Mountain will not be made and may be replaced by a visit to the Acadia National Park Visitors Centre. The tour may operate in reverse order. We recommend your wear comfortable clothing and protect yourself from the wind. This tour is conducted in English only and is limited to 40 participants.

      125.00 €
    9. Heritage walk in Percé

      • Length : 1h15

      During your walking tour of Percé, discover the Charles Robin sector near Percé wharf as well as the Saint-Michel Church, the villagers’ place of worship for more than 100 years. Continue with your guide towards Mont Joli overlook with its sumptuous summer homes and breathtaking view of Percé Rock. This walking tour through the heart of one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Québec will highlight its magnificent buildings and the area’s rich history.

      Visit Percé’s Roman Catholic church. Construction of Saint-Michel de Percé Church began in 1900 and ended in 1903. It is built of sandstone extracted from a nearby quarry at Cannes-de-Roche located just a few kilometres from the village of Percé.  

      Walk up to Mont Joli overlook: a first wooden cross was installed on Mont Joli by Récollet missionaries in 1672, when the first settlers came to Percé. The Mont Joli, still bearing  its cross, offers a breathtaking view of the entire village and famous Percé Rock.

      Explore the Charles Robin company infrastructures: although modern day Percé is mainly a tourist destination, in the 17th century it was the Gaspé’s most important fishing port. Even before the Europeans’ arrival, it was one of the Mi’kmaq’s favourite fishing spots. Starting in 1766, Charles Robin, an entrepreneur from the Isle of Jersey, built important infrastructures for the fishing industry. Today you can still find a few of those buildings dating back to that time.

      • This tour is entirely done by foot. Total walking distance is 1.6 mile (2.5 km), mostly on paved ground and on some gravel surfaces; steep hill for the Mont Joli overlook. We recommend you wear sturdy shoes and weather appropriate outdoor clothing.

      30.00 €
    10. Whale watching by zodiac

      • Length : 3h00

      Ready for an adrenaline rush? Embark on a zodiac to look for whales. Your guide-naturalist captain will take you where the river meets the ocean, the perfect spot to meet these giants of the sea and other sea mammals. This adventure will also enable you to discover the wild and scenic beauty of the Saguenay Fjord. Two hours of pure discovery await you on the Saint Lawrence River.

      From biblical stories to current tales, whales have always captured our imagination. Even though Aristotle presented the whales as mammals, these creatures have often been portrayed as water-spewing monsters in stories and legends. Millions of years of evolution in the ocean have transformed these mammals into the present whales, incredibly well adapted to aquatic life. The Gulf of Saint Lawrence is like a kingdom for the whales and presents a true natural laboratory for biologists fascinated by these giants.

      • This excursion is not recommended for guests suffering from back or neck problems, nor for pregnant women. Children must be at least 10 years old and accompanied by a parent. Each participant will be equipped with a personal floating suit. Dress warmly and wear waterproof clothing. The zodiac will be exclusive to PONANT. This tour can welcome a maximum of 48 participants.

      120.00 €
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