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    1. Utstein monastery & organ recital

      • Port of call : Stavanger
      • Length : 3h30

      Utstein Monastery is situated on Mosteroy Island. Up to 1992, going to Mosteroy Island had to be done by boat. Today, the drive is via an underwater tunnel almost 3 miles (5 km) long that goes down to nearly 700 feet (210 m).

      On Mosteroy Island, the land is fertile and peaceful with grazing sheep and cows. Wonderful green colours, in all the splendid shades which only soft sea air can create, surround you on your way to Utstein Monastery, the best-preserved monastery built in Norway, and you can easily understand why the Viking kings chose to settle here.

      From the 13th century onwards, Augustine monks lived here in the peaceful countryside. The reformation in 1537 put an end to monastery life, and the king's vassals took over the property. In 1937, restoration works began that ended in 1965.

      After the guided visit, the tour ends with a short music recital in the chapel (15 to 20 minutes). One cannot but feel the peace in these surroundings. The old beeches are still standing in the garden, spreading their great crowns over the group of old buildings.

      After the visit and recital, return to the pier and your ship in Stavanger via the same route.


      • This tour involves approximately 25 steps to negotiate at the monastery.

      85.00 €
    2. Iron Age farm

      • Port of call : Stavanger
      • Length : 3h00

      Stavanger and its surroundings have played a leading role in Norway's maritime history for centuries, from the time when the Viking kings battled in Hafrsfjord, through to the period of the “white sails”, the steamships and to today's modern super tankers.

      From the pier, drive passing rich agricultural countryside before arriving at Ullandhaug, with its reconstructed farmhouses from the Iron Age and an introduction into life during that time. In one of the low houses with turf roof, learn more about the living conditions around the year 500. Learn how Norwegians lived their life at this time - a local guide will demonstrate how they made flour or wove their clothes.

      On the sightseeing drive to the farm, a photo stop will be made at the Stavanger Cathedral, the best preserved of Norway's Mediaeval churches, built around 1125 by Bishop Reinald of Winchester.

      After the visit, re-board you coach and drive toward a viewpoint nearby Ullandhaug hill, and enjoy a magnificent view over Hafrsfjord, where the Viking king Harald Haarfagre (the Fair-haired) defeated in 872 the last of the regional princes, and founded the Kingdom of Norway by uniting the 29 small kingdoms under one crown.

      Here you will have a photo stop at the Sword in Rock, a monument made of three Viking swords more than 29 feet (9 m) high forced into the ground, recently raised to commemorate this event.

      To the east, the fertile farmland of Jæren with the Ryfylke Mountains forms the background. Before your return to the ship, you will have the option of strolling through Old Stavanger and the charming, picturesque and well preserved wooden houses in narrow lanes, which date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The houses were originally built for seamen, craftsmen and businessmen. Old Stavanger is today considered unique and its rehabilitation and conservation is the city's most important project.


      • This tour involves walking on muddy paths and some inclines at the Iron Age Farm. We recommend you to wear comfortable walking shoes. Should you choose to visit Old Stavanger at the end of the tour, you will return to your ship independently.

      65.00 €
    3. Nordic walking

      • Port of call : Stavanger
      • Length : 3h00

      Norwegians have long traditions in cross-country skiing, and this technique has been further developed for walking. Nordic walking is a total body version of walking that can be enjoyed both by non-sporty people as a health-promoting physical activity, and by athletes as a sport. The activity is performed with specially designed walking poles, adapted to each participant. The technique is easy to learn and you will get a unique workout where most muscles are used combined with a true nature experience.

      From the pier, begin the tour by walking through the city centre, towards Godalen, which is located on the Storhaug peninsula.

      Here, a 1.9 mile (3 km) coastal walk stretches from one small boat harbour to another. The trail runs in open countryside right beside the fjord and offers a view to the Gandsfjord and the mountains beyond.

      There are several lovely beaches along the way and you will pass large rocky headlands protruding into the fjord.

      Sit down and relax in a peaceful outdoor area, and enjoy a typical Norwegian snack.

      After some rest, walk back to the ship along the Blue Promenade - a lovely path, which goes around the harbour in the city centre.


      • This tour is entirely done on foot and includes 5 miles (9 km) of walking on mostly flat terrain. Participants must be at least 12 years old and should be in good health to participate. Walking sticks (poles) are included. We recommend you to wear flat comfortable walking shoes and to dress in layers. A snack composed of a Norwegian sandwich and a mineral bottle of water is included. This tour is limited to 25 participants.

      60.00 €
    4. Hiking Aksla

      • Port of call : Alesund
      • Length : 3h00

      Ålesund is the most important town on the northwest coast of Norway, and the setting is superb, built on three islands stretching out into the sea with the spectacular “Sunnmøre Alps” - very characteristic peaks - in the background.

      From the pier, embark your coach for a short drive up to Fagerlia school-centre.

      Start the hike and walk along a gravel-path. Climb up to the ridge of mount Aksla and see the remarkable view to both sides of the hill. To the North are fjords, islands and in the distance the open sea. To the Southeast, are a range of snow clad peaks and the Borgundfjord. The hill is covered with pine trees and the air is clean and invigorating.

      The path is now a little more strenuous, but it's well worth the effort. A little later, pass the so-called “dams”, in former days the town got its drinking water from here. After approximately 75-minute walk, arrive at the viewpoint near “Fjellstua” restaurant.

      Continue on the last leg of the hike that consists of descending the 418 steps to the little park at the foot of mount Aksla.

      On the way back to the ship, see the special architecture - the so called “Art Nouveau” in which the town was rebuilt after a disastrous fire swept through the centre in January 1904 (almost 800 wooden houses were lost). The town was rebuilt within three years with strong help from the German emperor, Wilhelm II, therefore the main street carries his name still today!


      • This tour involves 3.5 mile (6 km) of walking over uneven surfaces and includes 418 steps to walk down. We recommend you to wear flat comfortable walking shoes and to dress in layers. Participants should be in good physical conditions. A snack (composed of an energy bar and a mineral bottle of water) is included. In case of rain, be careful as the terrain can be slippery.

      55.00 €
    5. Aalesund surroundings & open air museum

      • Port of call : Alesund
      • Length : 3h00

      From the pier, you will start the tour along the Borgundfjord, through the modern suburbs to the old trading centre of Borgund.

      En route, a visit is made to Borgund Church, also known as St Peter’s Church. After a fire in 1904 the church was rebuilt in the Roman style. Part of the church is from the old St Peter's Church from around 1100. The stone alter is from Medieval times and also worth mentioning are the beautiful wood carvings.

      Then you will visit the Sunnmøre Open-Air Museum consisting of various types of farmhouses, boathouses, etc. which have been moved to this site from all over the region.

      The Museum also houses several different old boats. The shipbuilding traditions go back a long time and boats built here were reckoned to be the most reliable to be found along the coast. Here you find copies of the so-called Kvalsund-boat from the year 700 and the even older Fjørtoft-boats.

      Alongside lies the fishing vessel Heland - better known as the “Shetland bus”, as it was used to carry Norwegian partisans across the North Sea during the Second World War.

      Heading back you make a detour up on Mount Aksla to enjoy the view (weather permitting) over the town and its surroundings, before returning via the central parts of the town to your ship.

      • This tour involves 0.6 mile (1 km) of walking over even surfaces. Walking at the Sunnmøre Museum is at your discretion. Low heeled, comfortable walking shoes and comfortable, loose clothing are recommended. Appropriate dress is recommended to enter religious sites (shoulders and knees must be covered). Please note the church may be visited from exterior only due to ecumenical services.

      70.00 €
    6. Tvedestrand & Naes Iron work museum

      • Length : 4h00

      From the pier, board your coach for the 30-minute drive via the main road to idyllic Jærnes, where Naes Ironworks Museum is situated.

      The museum is almost completely intact and very well preserved, consisting of buildings, machinery and equipment which date back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

      After a guided walk through the museum and a stop for refreshments, reboard your coach for a drive to Tvedestrand centre. Enjoy a guided walk through the picturesque little village and perhaps take a picture of Norway’s most narrow house!

      After the visit, enjoy some time at leisure before re-boarding your coach.

      The drive back to Arendal will follow the North Sea Route scenic road, with fantastic views of the coastline and the ocean.

      • Please note the order of the visits may be reversed.

      95.00 €
    7. Hike at Hove

      • Length : 3h30

      From the pier, board your coach for the 20-minute drive to Hove.

      The Hove-Spornes-Botne area is part of a protected moraine that lies along the southern coast. Enjoy a hike in this wonderful coastal landscape.

      On the southern part of the island of Tromøy, only a short ride from Arendal, there is a beautiful nature area called Hove. This recreational area is part of a protected moraine that lies along the southern coast and the whole area has been adapted for walks with rest areas along the shore. There are numerous paths which stretch from Hove to Alve, along Spornes beach, consisting of boulders and rocks and sand, when the sea permits.

      Join your guide for a wonderful hike along the shores. The trip from Hove camping along the coast and back on the countryside is 6 km (3.75 mile). Spornes beach is situated on the south side of Tromøy, close to Hove and you will pass by it on your walk.

      Arriving at the end of the trail, board your coach again for a scenic drive back to Arendal and your ship.

      • This hiking tour includes 6 km (3.75 mile) of walking on mostly flat and gravel paths, which can be dirty depending on the weather conditions. Wear hiking shoes or boots and dress in waterproof.

      65.00 €
    8. From Hellesylt to Geiranger

      • Port of call : Hellesylt
      • Length : 8h00

      From the pier, leave Hellesylt by coach on a journey of discovery through the countryside in the west of Norway, a land of majestic mountains and emerald green lakes.

      Your first stop is at Hornindalsvatnet, one of the deepest lakes in Europe at 1,695 feet (514 m) deep. You will then continue your route along the River Stryn, an excellent spot for salmon fishing, to Nordfjord and the village of Stryn, where you will be at leisure to stretch your legs and stroll around the streets. You will then drive along the shores of Lake Stryn, the emerald-green colour of which is so typical of the area, due to the melting Jostedalen glacier that you will see further on. A photo-stop at the summer ski resort of Tystigen will give you an opportunity to capture this stunning panorama on film.

      After lunch, you will head for Mount Dalsnibba, climbing up through a beautiful landscape of mountains, waterfalls and lakes that follow one after the other, before arriving at Lake Djupvaten. A fantastic spectacle awaits as you enter a world of naked rock, ice and snow.

      Your route continues on up Mount Dalsnibba to a height of 4,930 feet (1,495 m) from where you will have an exceptional view (weather permitting). At this altitude, all the snow-capped peaks cast light on a scene that appears inaccessible.


      • For this excursion, we advise you to wear comfortable shoes and to protect yourself from the sun and rain.

      180.00 €
    9. Kayaking on Geiranger Fjord

      • Port of call : Geiranger
      • Length : 3h00

      From the pier, depart by minibus to the kayak base. A guide will meet at the landing stage holding a kayak sign. Then walk approximately 5 minutes to the kayak base, where the kayaks are waiting for you, before receiving safety briefing and paddling instructions.

      Since Geiranger is at the end of a long fjord, it means that you will head out of the fjord. You will glide along the steep mountain walls to the Geiranger fjord where the “Preacher’s Pulpit” can be seen. Along the way, your guide will tell you stories about Geiranger and its people.

      After approximately 1¾ hours in the kayak, you will return to the base and walk the few meters back to your minibus and then your ship.

      There is no experience required; your well-trained guides will teach you all you need to know. This is the perfect adventure for all, families included.

      Life jackets are compulsory and will of course be provided for all participants.


      • Tour operation is subject to weather conditions. The minimum age to participate is 13 years old and children must be accompanied by a parent. The kayaks are double kayaks. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes with rubber soles. This tour is conducted in English only. Participants should be in good physical conditions and able to swim. This tour is not recommended for persons suffering from back problems.

      75.00 €
    10. Mount Dalsnibba

      • Port of call : Geiranger
      • Length : 3h15

      From the pier, board your motor coach and go admire the beautiful scenery over your ship, all the way to Mount Dalsnibba.

      As you reach the Djupvaten Lake at 3,280 feet (1,000 m) high, the landscape changes. From many vantage points you can see snow-covered mountains even in summer, glaciers and lakes.

      Then you will proceed to mount Dalsnibba, 4,843 feet (1,495 m). From the top of the mount, enjoy a bird's-eye view of the scenery. Usually, the wind at the summit blows strongly. Mount Dalsnibba is located above the town of Geiranger, 4.5 miles (7 km) away from Geirangerfjord. It offers very good look-out opportunities.

      On your way back, a stop is planned at Djupvasshytta Lodge. Here, you can stroll around the lake before enjoying a cup of tea and Norwegian pastries served at the Lodge.

      You will also stop at Flydal, which offers once again a beautiful look-out point over your ship.

      When your ship departs for her next port of call, do not hesitate to have a last look up, to Mount Dalsnibba.


      • For this excursion, we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes. The order of the visits may change.

      90.00 €
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