PRE-BOOKING SUMMER 2019 & Winter 2019-2020

    PRE-BOOKING SUMMER 2019 & Winter 2019-2020

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    For summer 2019 and winter 2019/2020, our specialists have once again carefully put together a range of exceptional itineraries* to destinations such as Australia’s Kimberley, the Seychelles and North America.

    Don't miss this opportunity to go on an unforgettable cruise to these dream destinations or to experience the ultra-modern new ships of the PONANT fleet: the PONANT EXPLORERS.


    Explore Australia's Kimberley region, with its waterfalls, steep gorges, tropical savannah, crystal clear waters and unexplored mountain chains.


    Cruise the Great Lakes, travelling through richly coloured landscapes. Explore Boston and Chicago.


    An unforgettable experience exploring the "White Continent", with its spectacular landscapes and unique wildlife.


    The Seychelles, the Scattered Islands, Madagascar, Zanzibar… Exclusive expeditions to crowd-free lands and the kind of dream destinations lovers of crystal-clear turquoise waters will simply adore.


    Experience the Panama Canal, Costa Rica's national parks, or sailing through the heart of the jungle on the legendary Amazon and Orinoco rivers.


    Cruise Vietnam's legendary Halong Bay, one of Asia's most famous scenic destinations.


    Cape Verde, the Bissagos Islands… Explore tropical forests, savannah and mangroves, and discover the region's unique wildlife.


    Relax on the heavenly beaches of the Grenadines and explore the islands' exceptional underwater marine wildlife – unique cruise experience on board Le Ponant, our majestic sailing ship.

    * The Ponant Bonus Fare is a special reduced rate that varies in accordance with the number of places remaining on the cruise. See terms and conditions at
    This form allows you to be amongst the first persons contacted - based on chronological order - when the cruise opens to sale. This document does not guarantee you to get a stateroom and does not constitute a booking confirmation.

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