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    Idyllic beaches, turquoise waters, lush countryside... discover the Seychelles, an earthly paradise at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

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    3 reasons to visit the Seychelles

    Made up of 115 islands, the Seychelles archipelago offers a wide range of hotspots for travellers in search of tranquillity and fabulous scenery. On land, explore tropical forests, ecological reserves and granite ridges that make for extraordinary panoramic views. Along the sea, discover miles upon miles of the most beautiful beaches and coral reefs in the world. The Seychelles' native fauna is completely unique in the world.

    A wealth of exceptional natural sites

    Mentioning the Seychelles immediately brings to mind swathes of fine sandy beaches backing onto crystal-clear waters. And for good reason: it's home to some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, including L'Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue Island and L'Anse Lazio on Praslin Island, as well as the coves on the Grande Sœur and Petite Sœur Islands. But the Seychelles also boasts land where lush, dense vegetation blooms. The May Valley lies on Praslin Island. It has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983 and hosts a large ecological reserve rich in native species, including five different kinds of palm tree. Curieuse Island is home to 3,600 trees, on which the world-renowned sea coconut grows. These trees are protected and have been classified as an endangered species.

    A rich undersea life

    Sea lovers absolutely cannot miss the undersea wonders of the Seychelles. Aldabra Atoll, the largest emerged coral atoll in the world, hosts a large population of sea turtles. Many of them have also found refuge at the heart of a coral reef in a lagoon on Alphonse Island. The marine park on Sainte-Anne Island has been described as a giant aquarium, and stretches over a huge area of 1,400 hectares. Angelfish, parrotfish and many kinds of manta ray can be easily spotted in its shallow waters. What could be better than a snorkelling excursion or a breathtaking diving trip?


    A range of unique fauna

    While looking underwater in the Seychelles is sure to offer a fantastic experience, a walk on land with eyes raised to the sky can be just as interesting. Aride Island's nature reserve is populated by thousands of multi-coloured birds, 30 species of which are among the rarest on Earth! Both Curieuse Island and Aldabra Atoll also host a total of no fewer than 100,000 giant tortoises. Weighing as much as 300kg and with a lifespan of up to 200 years, these tortoises spend their time making their way peacefully along the coasts. An unforgettable spectacle!

    The crown jewel islands of the Seychelles

    With 115 different islands to choose from, finding the absolute best can be a challenge, so here are the archipelago's most exquisite and unmissable destinations.

    Unmissable hotspots in the Seychelles

    What is there to see in the Seychelles?
    If we were made to choose just a couple of absolutely essential locations and activities in the Seychelles, they would be:

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    Aldabra Atoll ►

    Aride Island Nature Reserve ►

    Alphonse Island ►

    Sainte-Anne Marine National Park ►

    Anse Source d'Argent beach ►

    Visit the Seychelles with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC experts

    PONANT and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC have come together to offer new kinds of travel experiences to all adventure and nature lovers. These trips were conceived via consultation in order to offer unique cruises that carry the shared values of both PONANT and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

    Embark for the Seychelles aboard a PONANT ship and gain the expertise of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC guest experts for the entirety of your cruise. Accompanying you on your trip will be an Indian Ocean specialist and a well-known photographer whose work is published regularly by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. They will be sure to impart their knowledge about this unique region and offer adept advice on how to capture the best moments of the cruise.

    Aboard the ship, guests will also have the opportunity to dive into the world of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, with presentations led by experts as well as a number of documentaries, books and magazines at your disposal. 

    Travelling on PONANT and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC cruises also means you will be taking part in a special scientific sponsorship project while supporting the National Geographic Society. This society aids researchers and explorers, whose projects allow people to better understand and protect the planet. More than 500 grants are distributed worldwide each year.

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