Respecting the local population

    Sustainable development

    For more than 30 years, PONANT has been taking its guests to the most secret locations on the planet, where nature rules in all her splendour. This choice creates responsibilities towards the ecosystems of which these places are made up and the local communities that live there.
    PONANT recognises its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and strives to become a global benchmark with regard to sustainable development in its cruise activities.

    We protect better what we know

    Jean-Emmanuel SAUVÉE, CEO and Co-Founder of PONANT

    Respecting the local population

    Approaching seldom visited places by sea promises a privileged discovery of little-known cultures and populations who continue their traditional way of life, often on the lands of their ancestors.
    Without a profound respect for these peoples who welcome us, PONANT would not be accepted or welcomed to return.
    Working together

    When planning every single one of our expedition cruises. We work with specialized Ethnologists to build with them the tourist practices of which they are the protagonists. They are the ones who decide what they want to share from their cultures and environments. When involved in this way, local populations are no longer considered passive players in tourism.

    However, so as not to disturb them, we choose ports of call that are rarely visited.

    Supporting communities

    Given that Ponant views the cultures and traditions of local communities as precious treasures, it is committed to local populations and associations.

    PONANT supports the ‘FabLab’ association in Upernavik (Greenland). The goal is to train the craftsmen of the Inuit community to reproduce iconic items that can then be sold in museums in Europe. PONANT provides financial contributes to buying FabLab equipment by means of a yearly donation as well as initiatives involving its guests. Since May 2014, for every guest travel booklet sent electronically rather than in hard copy, PONANT donates €10 to the association.

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