Rewards and partnerships

    Sustainable development

    For more than 30 years, PONANT has been taking its guests to the most secret locations on the planet, where nature rules in all her splendour. This choice creates responsibilities towards the ecosystems of which these places are made up and the local communities that live there.
    PONANT recognises its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and strives to become a global benchmark with regard to sustainable development in its cruise activities.

    We protect better what we know

    Jean-Emmanuel SAUVÉE, CEO and Co-Founder of PONANT

    Rewards and partnerships


    PONANT’s commitment to reduce its impact on the planet has been recognized several times and the company has received many prestigious awards:
    In 2016, the Trophée de la Charte Bleue (Blue Charter Award) was awarded to PONANT by the organization Armateurs de France for its leadership in the field of economic and social development and environmental protection.
    In 2017, PONANT was a Magellan Awards winner in the Eco-friendly “Green” cruise ship category.
    In 2017, PONANT was a finalist in the “Palmes du Tourisme Durable” awards.


    Tourism Cares

    Since 2014, PONANT has been a member of the organization Tourism Cares.


    PONANT is an executive member of the IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) which advocates and promotes the protection of fauna and flora by adopting responsible behavior.


    PONANT is a member of AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) that promotes responsible, environmentally friendly, and safe tourism.

    Le Cercle Polaire®

    Since 2012, PONANT has actively supported this think tank, which promotes the conservation of polar environments.


    PONANT creates its itineraries in partnership with Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (French Southern and Antarctic Lands) in the concerned areas.

    Sea Plastics

    On 8 June 2018, to celebrate World Oceans Day, PONANT donated 1% of its income from that day to Sea Plastics, to support the association’ study on the impact of plastic waste on the marine environment.
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