Refinement, curiosity, authenticity… Our unique travel philosophy reinterprets cruising and invites you to discover or rediscover iconic destinations.
Our 5-Star Culture and Relaxation cruises offer you a new way to travel, by combining cultural enrichment with time to unwind in a luxury setting and sites that only insiders know about.


Theme cruises

Classical music and opera, food and wine, art and museums, theatre and literature, photography, golf... take advantage of our theme cruises to combine your taste for travel with your hobbies. You will have unique opportunities on board and on land, with moments of true cultural enrichment and exchanges with artists and passionate specialists.


Our distinguished guests

Each year, our ships host no fewer than 50 guests of honour from different fields. Artists, writers, journalists, scientists… they are all experts in their fields who bring their insights and knowledge to shed light on specific topics.
Thus, each cruise marries the pleasure of travelling with the thrill of discovery, whether cultural, historic or scientific.

Prestigious partners

We have teamed up with prestigious partners ‒ cultural institutions and media outlets ‒ to complement your experience. Radio Classique, Cuisine et Vins de France, Paris Match, Le Figaro, Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac and the Louvre Museum invite you to partake in exceptional discussions with members of their writing staff or renowned lecturers.

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Designing a 5-Star Culture and Relaxation cruise

PONANT has always sought to combine passion for travel with passion for learning. The company's staff approach each cruise as a whole to which the itinerary, lecturers and partners contribute unsurpassed cultural enrichment.
Interview with Christel Hancy, Director of Themes and Partnerships, and German Amaya, Cruise Designer, to learn more about designing these unique cruises..


Theme cruises

Each time we design a cruise, we are compelled to learn more about the places we go and to mingle with communities on the other side of the world. That particular conception of travel is what enables us to bring you cultural discoveries on land and at sea, as part of our top-tier theme cruises.

Each season, we enhance our selection of theme cruises to enable you to combine your passions with your taste for travel.


Opera, jazz, piano recitals, concerts on shore or at sea... As part of a select group, you will delight in the enchanting experience of our music cruises alongside our guests of honour and renowned, talented artists.

Fine dining & wine tasting

Some of the world's best chefs and sommeliers will craft thoughtful menus and food-wine pairings. They will surprise you with unexpected and exclusive food and winel experiences.

Art & Museums

Treat yourself to moments of quality discussions and attend lectures by curators from national and international museums. Along the itinerary, these experts will showcase the riches of the selected subjects. Depending on the ports of call and themes chosen, private tours may also be arranges on request.

Theatre and Literature

Men and women from the world of culture ‒ esteemed writers, actors and philosophers ‒ share their passion during these cruises. Thrilling seminars and opportunities for sharing invite you to open up to new perspectives, through shared knowledge and discoveries.

National Geographic

PONANT and National Geographic have formed a unique partnership to bring you high-flying expedition cruises in the company of enthusiastic experts. On each of these cruises, you will be accompanied by PONANT naturalist guides, as well as a team of National Geographic specialists. An expert (writer, archaeologist, anthropologist, etc.) and a renowned photographer will share their knowledge and advice with you ‒ not to mention their passion.


You will be able to attend speeches by the journalists and editors-in-chief of our prestigious media partners at talks tied to the destinations visited. Le Point, Le Figaro, L’Express, Paris Match, Géo… they all shed light on various subjects relating to your itinerary.


You pair your passion for the greens with your desire to get away when you embark on one of our golf cruises. It is a unique opportunity to play on the most gorgeous courses of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.


Because some events are exceptionally noteworthy, they deserve special attention. We develop some itineraries for the specific purpose of commemorating these moments. Our Napoleon in Saint Helena cruises to mark the bicentennial of the emperor's death are one noteworthy example. These cruises bring an extra cultural dimension to trips that are already packed with learning.

Quintessential Collection

PONANT Quintessential Collection themed voyages are designed for travelers who want to engage with the world in order to understand it. In addition to the usual elements of the PONANT experience, these cruises include lectures or performances aboard ship by world class experts or musicians and exceptional activities ashore that encourage guests to embrace the sights and sounds, tastes and smells of the local culture.

Loyalty cruise

Loyalty cruises are reserved exclusively for members of the PONANT Yacht Club. These private cruises offer exceptional itineraries and unique programmes with lectures by distinguished guests.

Prestigious partners

During theme cruises, talks given by experts in a variety of subjects help reinforce the cultural aspect of our trips. We have negotiated prestigious partnerships with acclaimed cultural institutions and media outlets which attest to the quality of the programmes we have designed.

Cultural institutions

Browse the art collections of the California coast with Christie's auction house, explore the jewels of the Adriatic Sea or the Persian Gulf with the Louvre, dive into Greek and Roman Antiquity with the Mucem of Marseille, unlock the secrets of pre-Columbian civilisations with the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, and more. Curators and lecturers will inspire you with their passion and their knowledge on topics as diverse as they are insightful.


Radio Classique, Paris Match, Europe 1, L’Express, Le Figaro, Géo, quality radio stations, daily newspapers, and renowned magazines will be at your side on theme cruises throughout the world. Members of the writing and editorial staff will be on board at talks, panels and round tables to share their experience, their expertise and their archives about the ports of call visited.


Cruises in partnership with Cuisine et Vins de France or La Revue du Vin de France, which are gold standards in gastronomy, or with Relais et Châteaux, combine the pleasure of travel with fine dining. Gala dinners, cooking demonstrations and prestigious wine tastings will further enhance an itinerary that is already rich in discoveries.

Designing 5-Star Culture and Relaxation cruises

Cultural enrichment is at the heart of our cruise design approach. In the quest to share knowledge and develop interesting activities, we offer you quality excursions at each port of call. Iconic archaeological sites, natural treasures, cultural traditions: our teams design rich and diverse programmes for you. The pleasure carries over on board with lectures.

What is special about the itineraries and seminars proposed and PONANT's partnerships with museums and media outlets?

German AMAYA

Cruise Designer

The itineraries proposed by PONANT are unique because we always adapt them to a given geographical area, an event, a contemporary or historic figure, a theme, etc. The same goes for the lectures: the subjects are related, to the extent possible, to the sites visited. For example, we have created a one-of-a-kind cruise for 2021 to commemorate the bicentennial of Napoleon's death. The itinerary and topics addressed during this cruise pertain to the incredible destiny of this man and the mark he made on history.

Christel HANCY

Director of Themes & Partenships

Cultural enrichment is an integral part of a PONANT cruise. Once the itinerary is set, we involve our partners in our process. The goal is to showcase their value added in the most appropriate way possible. For example, it was obvious that The Louvre had to participate in the Muscat (Oman)-Dubai cruise with a visit to The Louvre Abu Dhabi at a dedicated stop. Naturally, Yannic Lintz, General Curator and Director of the Islamic Arts Department, was selected to accompany our passengers throughout this cruise and to share with them her passion and her expertise at several lectures. We always try to ensure that the theme and the itinerary complement one another.

Who are the lecturers?

Christel HANCY

Director of Themes & Partenships

We schedule top-tier lecturers who are very well known in their fields. These are men and women from the worlds of culture, the media, science or politics. Furthermore, they are people that our passengers would not be able to meet outside this setting ‒ and certainly not under such intimate, preferential conditions. The ability to strike up a casual conversation with astronaut Patrick Baudry or explorer Jean-Louis Etienne or to attend a philosophy chat with Luc Ferry is a rare experience. The goal of all this is for our passengers to better understand the world around them and for us to quench their thirst for knowledge and connections.

German AMAYA

Cruise Designer

We are continuously receiving pitches for lectures on all types of subjects. Some of the lecturers are not even known, but they are experts in their fields, such as history, culture, civilisation or religion. They enhance the exceptional opportunity for enrichment that we offer.

What is the strength of the partnerships forged by PONANT?

Christel HANCY

Director of Themes & Partenships

We have formed unique partnerships in unprecedented forms that are not found anywhere else. For example, the annual cruise with the editorial staff of Le Figaro is a major event. Nine members of the daily's writing staff, including Director of Publications, Alexis Brezet, or the brilliant reporter Laure Mandeville-Tostain, lead talks and are available for conversations with our passengers at any time.
Our partnerships are also exclusive. PONANT is the only cruise line that allows you to take a cruise with the Louvre Museum, Relais et Châteaux, Christie's auction house or the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac. In addition, all these partnerships allow us to raise our international profile while covering various themes.