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Florian Astraudo

Florian Astraudo

Born in 1998 in the South East of France, Florian Astraudo's work and research interests lie in the fields of movement, performance, photography and music. After starting to learn dance at the age of 5, he obtained his National Diploma of Professional Dancer at the Paris Opera School of Dance. Performing on stage in iconic ballets such as Swan Lake, La Bayadère, Romeo and Juliet, as well as more contemporary works such as Crystal Pite's The Season's Canon, he was also keen to expand his body vocabulary and experiences and so left the Paris National Opera company in 2019 to move to Portugal. He trained in contemporary dance and performance art where he worked with dancers renowned in their fields (Gonçalo Lobato, Ricardo Ambrozio, Inaki Azpillaga, Tomislav English, Máté Mészáros, Isael Cruz, etc.).
With this new spectrum of mastery of movement, he moved back to Paris in 2021.

Professional dancer, choreographer, organiser of events and cultural actions around the body, composer, photographer, etc., it is as a self-taught and multidisciplinary creative that he never stops exploring new horizons and meeting the curious.

Languages spoken: French and English


Photo credit: Julien Benhamou