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Nicolas Vincent

Nicolas Vincent

Nicolas Vincent is an underwater engineer and specialist in underwater robotics. With 30 years experience, he is now the Operations Director of Deep Ocean Search Ltd and leads all the unusual special underwater projects in ultra deep waters. Nicolas and his team have been involved in many famous projects from the discovery of Antoine de Saint Exupéry's plane to the ship Endurance. They have also covered since 2001 all the aerial incidents in deep water, but also, located famous wrecks like the AJA San Juan and Minerve submarines. They also hold some world records, such as the world's deepest rescue at 5,200m of the SS City of Cairo, where 100T of silver coins belonging to the British government were recovered, and the discovery of the USS Samuel B Roberts at a depth of 6,800m on board the submarine Victor Vescovo, Limiting Factor. For Endurance22, he is the Subsea Project Manager for the expedition. It took him three years of preparation to invent and deploy the technological and operational solutions to reach the iconic Endurance wreck.

Languages spoken : French and English


Photo credit : Esther Horvath

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