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La Ceiba, a brand-new and exclusive PONANT port of call, owes its name to the eponymous and enormous tree, one so magnificent that the local people - the Garifuna - considered it to be the “staircase used by God to descend from Heaven to visit the Earth”. La Ceiba possesses a multitude of natural wonders like this tree and you will have the possibility of discovering them during a river excursion into the surrounding mangrove, at the heart of Pico Bonito National Park. Howler monkeys, Panamanian white-faced capuchins, manatees, alligators, anteaters, great blue herons and toucans have all taken up residence here. The exceptional hospitality of La Ceiba’s inhabitants comes naturally here; you will experience it as soon as you arrive on the pier. You will also enjoy an exceptional encounter with the local community of Cuero y Salado – which you will reach in a burra, a traditional Honduran railcar once used for banana transport – and learn about its history tied to the banana industry. “When we arrive in this village on the edge of this extraordinary mangrove, we are captivated by the way of life that rules over these lands. The local people have customs and traditions, and they welcome us with folkloric singing and dancing, before we experience an unforgettable moment in this still unspoiled and pristine environment” , says José Sarica, our Director of Expedition Cruise Design.

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Belize City - Colón
Overnight in Cancun + flight Cancun/Belize City + transfer to the pier
10 nights on board
26/12/2024 to the 06/01/2025

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