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Vice Admiral

Anne Cullerre

Anne Cullerre

The first female Vice-Admiral of the French Navy, Anne Cullerre, spent about a decade aboard various combat vessels and scientific military ships, holding several commanding positions both at sea and on land. She served in mainland France, overseas territories, and abroad. A graduate of the French War College, she is well-versed in international relations and joint operations. She held positions of very high responsibility in the field of air and naval operations, such as Deputy Chief of Operations of the French Navy. Her expertise covers maritime security issues in the Indo-Pacific region, where she represented the Chief of the Armed Forces Staff and the Chief of the Navy Staff to the high military authorities of numerous countries (ASEAN countries, China, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Peru, Australia, United States, Russia) for several years.

After leaving the Navy at the end of 2016, she carried out missions for the Directorate General of International Relations and Strategy of the Ministry of Armed Forces as a Military Special Envoy in Southeast Asia.

Since 2019, she has been teaching a seminar at Sciences Po - Le Havre campus focusing on the maritime challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. Additionally, she showcases her skills as a speaker on maritime security as well as leadership and management topics.

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