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Yoga Instructor

Naiki Lutz

Naiki Lutz began her career in the wellness sector in 2008. Thanks to her creativity in treatment protocols and leadership, she became spa manager in 2014 for the Music & Spa Hotel, The Source Marrakech. At the same time, she trained in several well-being techniques such as sound massage, Thai Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.

Passionate about Polynesian culture, she joined the Brando spa team as a therapist and yoga teacher for 2 years, before returning to her roots on the sacred island of Raiatea, to develop her experience in well-being and her wellness school.

For Naiki Lutz, balance is a lifestyle. Well-being is a reconnection with oneself through body care, physical exercise, breathing, relaxation, sleep, diet, and positive thinking. She draws inspiration from the animistic worldview of the Polynesian people, who attune themselves to the elements, communing with the wind, conversing with stones. Living as nature’s equals. To the Polynesians, humans are like trees: rooted in the ground whence they draw their energy, fully aware of the life force flowing through them. They receive divine energies which allow them to empower themself.

Language spoken: English