Our national geographic cruises

    Our national geographic cruises

    A partnership forged around common values

    For all lovers of exploration, adventure, discovery, untouched nature and unique encounters far beyond the boundaries of mainstream travel,
    PONANT and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC have joined forces and combined their expertise to offer unique and enriching expedition cruises.

    A partnership forged around common values

    ‘‘Here we have two highly respected global companies working together to inspire
    our guests to live curiously, explore our planet and become global ambassadors for sustainability.


    Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée & Gary E. Knell

    We are building this collaboration from our shared values:
    the spirit of adventure, a passion for exploring, a thirst for discovery and care for our planet.

    Unique itineraries taking you to the world’s most intriguing destinations

    Our cruises cover the furthest corners of the world, far from the usual tourist bubbles. Enjoy awe-inspiring landscapes and soaring glaciers on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Arctic or Antarctica. Sail turquoise waters on an idyllic cruise through the beautiful islands of the Seychelles. Discover wild open spaces while following the steps of ancient gold miners in Alaska. Oceania, Asia, the Atlantic and Northern Europe complete the list of world regions included in this wide range of unique itineraries to a variety of exotic destinations offering multiple new things to see and discover.

    5 reasons to travel with PONANT & National Geographic


    Support for science and exploration

    A portion of the proceeds* from your journey will go towards to the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY; the nonprofit scientific and educational organization that pushes the boundaries of exploration to further our understanding of our planet and inspires solutions for a more sustainable future. To date, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY has given out almost 14,000 grants to scientists and conservationists, whose work is making a significant difference around the world. It has supported critical projects such as the Pristine Seas project, which has already helped to protect more than five million square kilometres of the ocean’s last wild places. It also sponsored Hiram Bingham as he brought back stories of Machu Picchu; we documented Robert Ballard’s quest to find The Titanic and supported Jane Goodall’s lifelong study of chimpanzees.

    * When you travel with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, you support the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY'S explorers who work to preserve, protect, and advance our understanding of the planet and its people. To learn more, visit www.natgeo.com/info.


    Travel with fascinating and passionate experts

    Leading experts will be on board every cruise to share their knowledge and perspective:

    Writers, archaeologists, adventurers, anthropologists or field researchers: the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC experts will not only share their knowledge and passion about the destinations we visit, but will also offer a global perspective linking it to the human journey, the changing planet and wildlife, and how it is affected by us all.
    A NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer
    A NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer is also onboard, on hand to advise and teach you techniques along the way, sharing their skills while the subject of your photograph is right there in front of you. You will be able to capture perfect photographs of the incredible sights you’ll see.
    The PONANT expedition team
    Your expedition team have been selected for their knowledge and expertise to enhance your experience both on board and in the field, providing valuable insight into the culture, history and wildlife of the region. Accompanying you throughout your voyage they are ideal companions for your journey of discovery.


    Enjoy an exceptional and unprecedented programme

    Every day, the PONANT & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC experts will enrich the expedition with fascinating presentations. They will also be available on board and ashore for more informal discussions, such as during mealtimes, to create a guest experience unlike any other. Documentaries, magazines, books and other items will be available on board to fully immerse you in world of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. This cruise will be an opportunity to meet other passengers who share your values, fostering the same curiosity to learn and those keen understand our world.


    Embark on ships in 5-star comfort

    PONANT, the leader in polar expeditions for almost 20 years, boasts a state-of-the-art modern fleet of expedition ships. Designed to sail distant seas in comfort and safety, our ship's small size and manoeuvrability allows us to reach the most remote lands. At the same time our fleet is equipped with leading edge navigation and stability technology, alongside the most up-to-date environmental protections, which are essential when crossing through fragile areas, observing unique and often delicate ecosystems.

    Whichever voyage you choose, you will always find the same exceptional conditions of comfort, service and elegance that have forged PONANT’s reputation. Aboard you will enjoy a warm atmosphere, a subtle blend of refinement and authenticity. A certain idea of luxury, a different way of travelling...


    Enjoy an all-inclusive expedition

    So that you can enjoy the adventure in total peace of mind, everything is included! Your PONANT & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC expedition cruise integrates:

    • Accommodation in stateroom
    • The full meal plan
    • The Open Bar: a wide selection of drinks is served on request and at any time of the day
    • A free Wi-Fi internet access 24 hours a day*
    • Access to all the common areas: fitness room, steam room, swimming pool, solarium, lounges and leisure area…
    • All your Zodiac® outings, shore visits and excursions**
    • The lectures with PONANT & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC experts
    • The parkas and boot hire for polar expeditions
    *The connection may be slower or even interrupted in certain geographic regions or due to circumstances outside of our control.
    ** During some cruises and port of calls, optional excursions to certain sites are offered relying on local transport. Please note a surcharge can apply.

    Lovers of wide open spaces or adventurer's soul,
    come and discover these remote regions!

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