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Located between continental Japan and the main island of Okinawa, Kikaijima is a small preserved coral island where nature unfurls in all its splendour. Amidst this abundance of plants, you will be enchanted by century-old trees, majestic banyan trees and sugar cane plantations, which produce a delicious brown sugar. This island, inhabited since the 10th century and located on the trade route between China and Japan, has a turbulent history. During your exploration, perhaps you will notice some ancient coral stone walls, like an echo of the ever-present ocean. Between the white sandy beaches and the limestone coastlines, you’ll also be able to enjoy a snorkelling trip and delightful possibilities for swimming.

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Keelung (Chilung) - Kobe
7 nights on board
23/03/2024 to the 30/03/2024

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