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Off the western coastlines of Kagoshima Prefecture, the rocky and green islets called the Koshikijima Islands rise like a mirage from the East China Sea. Aboard our Zodiac dinghies, you will reach the three islands that make up the archipelago: Kamikoshikishima, Nakakoshikishima and Shimokoshikishima. You will be captivated by the raw and authentic beauty of this environment, featuring monumental cliffs and huge rock formations that date back to the Cretaceous periodor nearly 80 million years.  During hikes, you will be lucky enough to discover these unique and striking landscapes. An interlude where time may stand still.

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Osaka - Kagoshima
8 nights on board
10/04/2025 to the 18/04/2025
Kagoshima - Osaka
8 nights on board
18/04/2025 to the 26/04/2025

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