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St Kilda is an archipelago of seven volcanic islands, located 35 nautical miles west of the Outer Hebrides. They are the most remote of the British Isles. It is the only site in the United Kingdom to hold joint UNESCO World Heritage Site status for both its natural and cultural qualities. St Kilda has been managed by the National Trust for Scotland since 1957. According to the vestiges discovered there, the first travellers to the island appear to date back to the Bronze Age. For 2,000 years, a small community of inhabitants survived there, economically self-sufficient, until the last ones left in 1930. The village was organised around blackhouses, typical of the Hebrides, cultivable plots and cleitean, dry stone foodstuff storage huts, scattered across the archipelago. The endemic Soay sheep live wild, while the archipelago’s impressive cliffs shelter colonies of Atlantic puffins and gannets.

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Fairlie (Glasgow), Scotland - Glasgow, Scotland
9 nights on board
12/05/2025 to the 21/05/2025
Glasgow, Scotland - Glasgow, Scotland
9 nights on board
21/05/2025 to the 30/05/2025

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