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Yap, Chuuk, Caroline Islands… Micronesia. You have to repeat these names a few times to realise just how exotic they are as the sounds of the words don't do justice to the poeticism of the places. You have to meet the locals from the age-old Chamorros civilisation. You have to strap on diving gear and swim down to the depths to see the dozens of wrecks dating from the Second World War. You have to take in the beautiful landscapes of these atolls, mangroves, beaches... 

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Honiara, Guadalcanal Island - Guam
Flight from Brisbane to Honiara + transfer to the port
13 nights on board
01/03/2025 to the 14/03/2025
Nouméa - Guam
16 nights on board
15/03/2025 to the 31/03/2025

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Must-Sees Micronesia

To get to Micronesia, you have to go east of the Philippines and north of Papua New Guinea. Micronesia's islands, divided into several States, are little pieces of paradise tucked away in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Traditions with diverse influences and remains from the Second World War contribute to a rich heritage at a crossroads between maritime routes and cultures.

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Must-Sees Micronesia

Essential Micronesia

Made up of hundreds of often-forgotten islands dotted around the ocean, Micronesia is sometimes less familiar than its faraway neighbours like Hawaii and Polynesia. However, its arts and traditions reflect a culture that is just as interesting. Here are other things you should know about these Pacific islands.

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Essential Micronesia

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