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In Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, on the legendary Isle of Lewis, Callanish dazzles and surprises, fascinates and questions. On the eastern coast of the island, where land and sea rub shoulders and clash in the tumult of wild nature, discover the Callanish Stones megalithic site. No fewer than 51 stones stand in the middle of the peat fields. Deliberately arranged about 5,000 years ago, they are a mysterious testimony to the Stone Age. There are many theories as to the purpose of these stones — a place of worship, a lunar calendar, an astronomic observatory or a healing centre — but they remain an enigma. The singular atmosphere of this site lends itself to all sorts of interpretations, to all sorts of dreams and musings.

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Dublin - Glasgow, Scotland
9 nights on board
09/05/2024 to the 18/05/2024
Glasgow, Scotland - Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen
Transfer + Flight Longyearbyen/Paris
13 nights on board
27/05/2024 to the 09/06/2024

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