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The Mediterranean, a region synonymous with trade, exchange and encounter, has always attracted travellers. From Corsica and Sicily to the Cyclades, its islands are simply enchanting. Its beach-, cove- and steeply cliff-lined shores leave the kind of memories that last forever. Its cities, from Barcelona to Istanbul, bustle with people and activity, and paint a picture of the millennia-old history of this legendary sea. Embark for a Mediterranean cruise and enjoy a taste of the "dolce vita" as you experience your exotic escape.


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reasons to set sail in the Mediterranean

Imbued with the history and culture of the surrounding countries, the Mediterranean is home to many incredible sites and a unique way of life. A cruise in the Mediterranean is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this remarkably diverse region.

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Mediterranean must-sees

Reducing the Mediterranean to a shortlist is no easy feat, but we have put together a selection of must-sees for travellers who are looking for the perfect balance between culture and relaxation.

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