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An expedition following the route of the Northeast Passage, which lies inside the Arctic Circle, is an expedition offering a flavour of mystery and the unknown. Ice-bound for much of the year, few ships are capable of tackling this legendary sea route, with its islands and deserted shores forming natural sanctuaries that are home to an extraordinary range of wildlife and peoples who still follow ancient traditions.

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Tromso - Nome, Alaska
24 nights on board
27/08/2022 to the 20/09/2022

Price is per person, double occupancy, is based on availability, and subject to change at any time. The category of cabin to which this price applies may no longer be available.

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Sailing from Norway to Alaska via the archipelagos of Siberia and the Bering Strait, along the taiga-, tundra-, ice field- and glacier-covered and fjord-filled coastlines of the Northeast Passage, is an amazing Arctic voyage: an expedition through a world of volcanic mountain landscapes, polar deserts and Siberian expanses, punctuated with unforgettable encounters with local communities and featuring an extremely rich range of wildlife, including polar bears, walruses, seals, seabirds, polar foxes, lemmings and reindeer.

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Essential highlights

History of the Northeast Passage

The Northeast Passage, which includes the Northern Sea Route, is a strategic shipping route linking Europe to northern Asia. The first attempts to navigate this route were made in the 16th century, with the exploits of Admundsen also playing a part in the epic saga of its exploration.

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History of the Northeast Passage

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